A little about me...

I’m a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.  If I had to declare myself as a particular kind of photographer, I’d say landscape because that’s my favorite thing to shoot.  While I love to hike, I’m not the kind of person that can just go for a walk in the woods.  I need a mission of some kind like “catch a big rainbow on a fly I tied”, or “have my composition all set to grab the great light when the storm clears”.  That’s why I love both flyfishing and photography; they both give me a reason to be out.  Fortunately I don’t have to declare myself as (or limit myself to) anything, so while I mostly shoot landscapes, I’ve also shot portraits, lifestyle, macro, products, light painting, and abstracts and have enjoyed them all.

What I don’t do is sports or weddings.  I can’t afford the big glass needed for most sports, and the idea of doing a wedding scares the hell out of me.  I could see myself as a second shooter someday if the opportunity presented itself.  I’m also not the guy grabbing family photos at events – that’s never really interested me.  I’m glad others do though.

I live in Corvallis, Oregon with my beautiful wife Libby and our two golden retrievers Cooper and Sophie. I retired from my career in tech in 2016 and still feel like I’m a kid on summer vacation.  I split my time between photography, woodworking, golf, hiking, flyfishing, travel, and home projects.  I’m a big old NPR junkie, and Libby and I still think the best way to see a movie is in a theatre.  The best thing ever written is the last couple pages of Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It.

Published Work

Thor's Well

This is my most successful image to date.  I’ve sold it several times, most notably to National Geographic for inclusion in their book Rarely Seen – Photographs of the Extraordinary.  Getting published in NatGeo was one of my dream photo goals.  I have a bad feeling that I may have already taken the best picture I’m ever going to get.  🙂


This picture of the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park was used by National Public Radio (on their website) for a story on thermal activity in the Park.


I’ve sold this one several times for various woodworking publications, and once as a book cover.

Portland skyline

This one was used as the feature image for the 2016 Portland Winter Light Festival.


This one has been used on a million websites, often uncredited.  That’s what I get for posting something on Flickr.  It’s a composite of 2 images, one for the moon and trees and another for the stars.