I’m an amateur photographer in Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

If I was forced to declare myself as one kind of photographer, I guess I’d say “landscape“.  I love landscape photography for the same reason I love to flyfish – it gives me a reason to be out, often by myself, in quiet, beautiful places alone with my thoughts.  I’m not a person who can just go for a walk in the woods.  I need a purpose, like “fool a big rainbow with a dry fly that I tied“, or “think through the framing so I’ve got the composition right when the landscape lights up as the storm clears“.

Fortunately, I don’t have to declare myself as one kind of photographer.  I’ve done landscape, engagement shoots, product photography, senior portraits. macro subjects, light painting, and more, and find them all equally fun and challenging in their own ways.  I also know what I’m not.  I’m not the guy taking family photos at all our gatherings – I’m glad other people do though.  I’m also not a sports photographer cause the gear is WAY too expensive, and the idea of wedding photography terrifies me!  I could see myself as a second shooter in a wedding if the opportunity presented itself someday.

I am absolutely in love with the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t ever see myself leaving here.  I grew up in Southern California and have been working my way north my whole life.  I settled in Oregon in 1988, and I’m still a little kid when it snows, or when the leaves turn orange, or when the waterfalls fill up and and flowers start blooming.  I live with my beautiful wife Libby and two of the best Golden Retrievers ever.  My passions are photography, woodworking, flyfishing, and golf, in varying orders depending on the season.  I’m a big old National Public Radio junkie, and Libby and I still think the best way to see a movie is in a theater.  The last 2 pages of Norman Maclean’s “A River Runs Through It” is the best thing that’s ever been written.

You can find me here on the site or on FlickrTwitter & Instagram.

Published Work

“Thor’s Well” is by far my most successful image to date.  I was honored to have National Geographic Books select it for inclusion in their book Rarely Seen – Photographs of the Extraordinary published in October 2015.  It’s also been used as a poster by Scholastic Books and on Buzzfeed, The Weather Channel, and Atlas Obscura.

“Portland Skyline” is a composite image I created in 2013.  It was used by the inaugural Portland Winterlight Festival as the headline promotional image on their home page.

“Firehole River” was used as the featured image in a National Public Radio story on Yellowstone National Park.

I made this image in my shop one afternoon.  I think about it as an ode to hand tool woodworking and a nod to Lie-Nielsen, a company who makes fantastic hand tools in the United States.  This image has been licensed several times and used on book covers, various websites, and a calendar.