Silver Falls

I took a day off work last Friday to enjoy the Fall weather and colors at Silver Falls State.  The park features “The Trail of 10 Falls”, a 7 mile loop trail that hits 10 waterfalls, many of which are really fantastic.   As a bonus, the trail goes behind... read more

Portland Skyline

Back in late April, two of my photographer friends and I took a day off work to attend Joe McNally’s class in Portland.  I’ve attended many of Joe’s classes, and have even been the subject of one of his class demos.  Joe is always entertaining and... read more


Jeff and I spent a couple days shooting in the redwoods last weekend.  The goal was to “shoot rhododendrons in the redwoods in the fog”.  Much internet research had led me to believe that late May should be the peak time for blooming.  We stayed in... read more

Mount Washington

Libby and I spent the weekend in Sunriver.   We stayed at the Sunriver Resort, did a sled dog ride, got massages, saw the movie Selma, visited relatives, and had some great meals.  We were both quite the princesses!  😉  I would totally live in Bend if I had a way to... read more

Family Photo

Warning:  This is a pretty tech-y post for photographers.  Please skip when/if you feel yourself glazing over…. I got really brave this Christmas.  This was the first year in a long time that the entire family was in town. With some trepidation, I dared taking a... read more

Christmas is over (sad face)

Well, my 53rd Christmas has come and gone.  I’m far from a religious person, but Christmas is special to me for a long list of reasons and non-reasons that go back to how magical my parents made it for my sister and me.  I am positive this will always be my... read more


I went out last Saturday morning to shoot the first ever Corvallis Cross Classic, a cyclocross race at Peoria Gardens.  It was a pretty cold day, in the low 30’s when I was out there.  In spite of not feeling very well, I had a good time shooting it.  It was... read more


I’ve shot fireworks a bunch of times.  Not living in a big city, I’ve found it challenging to get an interesting foreground.  This is my latest attempt from this year’s July 4 fireworks show in Corvallis, Oregon put on by the local Jaycees. This was... read more

Farewell to our cat…

We lost our cat Weasley a couple days ago.  On my wife’s birthday of all days.   Now, I am a card carrying dog person.  I tend to be put off by most cats I’ve encountered.  Their finicky, my-way-or-the-highway views on life don’t  jibe with my... read more