Two days before Christmas, 2013, was a special day in my life.  This is my daughter Liz being proposed to by her long time boyfriend Dan.  They met in high school.   When it came time to decide where they were each going to college, they had to figure out how to... read more


  This is Tim.  We used to work together at our day jobs.  Part of my regular job is to help people with technical problems they’re having.  Our lab is full of tech-y people who always try to solve problems themselves.  Often, by the time they give up and... read more

Moonstruck Chocolates

I got a little box of Moonstruck chocolates as a gift a little while ago.  I’ve never done food photography before, and I never again want to see an Instagram shot of something that somebody is about to eat.  But these chocolates were just a work of art, so I... read more


This is one I could really use some feedback on.  This is my daughter Sarah.  To me, this tells a story that I’d want to know more about.  Or maybe I’m just too close to her and I’m reading that into it.    ... read more

Piling ropes

Took this at a dock in Crescent City, California.   This is an example of an image that looks way better in print than it does on the screen.  I do my printing exclusively on Epson Signature papers, and this one on Cold Press Natural looks fantastic.  The blacks and... read more

Palouse Barn

This is a really cool barn that I shot a few years ago while on a photo workshop with Neil and Susan Silverman in the Palouse area of Eastern Washington State.   See my earlier post on using workshop photos in your portfolio.  I think this falls into the category of... read more


    This is a shot of McDowell Creek, just outside Lebanon, OR.  There’s a really interesting waterfall near here that my buddy and I tried to shoot but the light just kinda sucked.  I got this one instead, which I’m generally pretty happy with.... read more

Autumn Starburst

This is a picture I took of a tree across the street from where I work.   This is a part of a row of trees that are *spectacular* in the Fall.  I look at them every day when I leave work, and I finally decided I needed to pull off and shoot them.    This was far and... read more

Jimmy Page Poppy

This is a photo I took of a California poppy.    I was drawn to it because of the color and the rim lighting on the stem.  When I showed it to my wife, the first thing she noticed was that the shadow looks like the head stock of a guitar.  I had never noticed that,... read more


Like many others, I had to try my hand at water drop photos.  It’s pretty fun.  Lots of YouTube videos on how to do it.  Basically, you just get a bottle and some mechanism to control the drip rate, then just take lots of photos to work on your timing.   It gets... read more