I’ve shot fireworks a bunch of times.  Not living in a big city, I’ve found it challenging to get an interesting foreground.  This is my latest attempt from this year’s July 4 fireworks show in Corvallis, Oregon put on by the local Jaycees.

This was taken under the Harrison Street bridge.  I wanted to get right down on the water (the Willamette River) to get the reflection.  It was a little creepy because there had clearly been a lot of homeless people camped out under there.  They had all cleared out, and the path down to the water was pretty steep, so I had the place to myself.  I got there almost two hours early to reserve the spot, which it turned out I didn’t need to do.  My reward was feeling like I was in downtown Baghdad during the Iraq war.  Kids were setting off some seriously illegal fireworks and the echo under that bridge made my fillings rattle.

Tech details: Nikon D800, 16-35mm lens @16mm, ISO800, 20s exposure at f/6.3.  I had a small flashlight that I was light painting the bottom of bridge with to bring out some detail.  I never really got a good single-shot combination of firework, reflection, and bridge, so the bridge in this shot in actually a merge with another shot.

I was hoping to get a long exposure with more fireworks going off, but the Jaycees seemed to have all the launchers in a pretty tight group, so all the explosions were going off in nearly the same place.  The longer I went, the more cluttered it got, so I stuck with the single simple one.