I took a day off work last Friday to enjoy the Fall weather and colors at Silver Falls State.  The park features “The Trail of 10 Falls”, a 7 mile loop trail that hits 10 waterfalls, many of which are really fantastic.   As a bonus, the trail goes behind many of the waterfalls.  Overall,  our timing was pretty good, as the color in the trees seemed to be about the peak and not many leaves had dropped.

This place has been shot to death, and I’m frankly a little bored with waterfalls.  I was looking for non-traditional ways to shoot the color.  I don’t think I was completely successful.   Here is one of my inspiration shots from 500px.  I thought this was a pretty cool way to shoot a waterfall and takes advantage of how many trails go behind the falls.  Kudos to Paul for getting such a great shot.  I made a series of wrong guesses that resulted in us thinking we needed to be there at dawn to get this shot.   A 5am alarm got us to the falls exactly at sunup at 7:30am, only to find out we were facing completely the wrong way.  We basically wound up milling around for over an hour until the sun got high enough to get a little light down in the canyon.

Here’s a few of the shots I did come away with that I was pretty happy with.





We stopped at REI on the way home and noticed they were doing a “How to photograph waterfalls” class at Silver Falls the next day, so I’m especially happy we blew off work and went on Friday.  That place is crowded enough on a weekday!